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CMSimple_XH Plugins

Last update:
March 23, 2017, 01:56



Here you can download some Plugins for CMSimple_XH. Some of these plugins also work in  older CMSimple versions.

For templates go to the template pages of the German part of this site. These templates can be freely used and modified, as long as the copyright notice is not deleted.

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. . . gives you different kinds of control and documentation of the downloads you offer on your website — like password control, email alert, number of downloads of a file, graphic diagram etc.


. . . creates a list of links to hidden content. A click on a link expands this content, and another click contracts it again. 


. . . creates a freely positionable box with border and legend, containing a plugin call or text.


. . . hides pages of your site form the general public but shows them to those who log with password and member's name in in a log in form.


. . . sometime the need arises to change some aspect of the template, without creating a new template. This can be done with a mouse click if Morepagedata has been configured to do it.


. . . displays a "Quote of the Day" on a page or in the template. Quotes are selected from quote lists and different lists are possible.


. . . puts small annoucements on a page, which "tease" people to click them in order to go to the linked page.

Styling of teasers can easily be changed.


. . . makes selected images automatically slide from left to right. Based on the jQuery plugin Flexslider.