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CMSimple_XH Plugins

Last update:
March 23, 2017, 01:56



The plugin version of the add-on Protected Download. (A change of name was required because there was already a plugin with a similar name by Emanuel Marinello.)

Get control over the downloads you offer on your site

Downloadcontrol allows different types of control and documentation of the download of files and groups of files you offer on your website. The offered files are not accessible any more via URL. A click on the button generated by Downloadcontrol however will present the download. Thus Downloadcontrol is also useful for offering files on pages with restricted access, e.g. memberpages.




Unzip the zip-file and put everything as it is into the CMSimple_XH base folder.



Answering to a user request Holger Irmler enlarged my add-on Protected Download to a plugin with date control and email alert. I added a few more bells and whistles to the package.