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CMSimple_XH Plugins

Last update:
March 23, 2017, 01:56



This is a heavily reworked version of the old well known plugin started 2005 by Michael Svarrer and later maintained by Gert Ebersbach.

Memberpages_XH has two uses:
  1. The log-in can be used to regulate access to other plugins, e.g. Forum_XH.
  2. Memberpages can hide pages and make them visible only to users who are logged-in and have a suitable access level.

Members can change their password, e-mail address and full name. Pages can be given different access levels.

Memberpages keeps a detailed log file of all log-in actions.

New in version 3.6
New in version 3.5
Installation and Updating

On unzipping the plugin file you'll find 2 folders: plugins and userfiles. Copy these folders into your CMSImple_XH base. Former memberpages_XH plugins will be overwritten, however your settings and the old member lists are preserved. 

Go to the plugins backend. If you have updated from version 3.4.4 or earlier, you will be prompted to import your old member's list. If everything is set as you want it, click OK.

Version history: