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CMSimple_XH Plugins

Last update:
March 23, 2017, 01:56



for CMSimple_XH 1.5/1.6
and online editors: CKeditor, Tinymce or Codeeditor

Teaser_XH puts several divs on a page, each of which can be filled with content in the plugin backend. These divs can be assigned an internal or external link in order to serve as teasers for other pages.

Via css the teasers can be arranged in rows or one under the other. Their number and order can be changed in the plugin backend. Mouse over effects are possible. Different groups of teasers can get different css-styling which will be shown also in the backend. For backend editing a different site template can be assigned as well to a specific group of teasers.

New in Version 1.2


Teaser Beispiel

This is an example of a teaser without a link.

Teasers come in groups, and these goups can have individual designs.

Teaser Nr. 2

with standard link to the start page.

Teaser Nr. 3

with global link to the start page.

Another Teaser Example

Teasers can take the full width of the text area.

Teaser Nr. 1

text text text text

Teaser Nr. 2

... anything could be written here.

Teaser Nr. 3

... will let you create small announce­­ments that "tease" online visitors to visit the linked pages.

This was written with Teaser_XH.

Teaser Nr. 2

The world at your









Teaser Beispiel

mit Hintergrundbild





1 beta 2:

1 beta: